Touro Student Health Resources

Touro Student Health Service: Information regarding required immunizations, annual TB screening, global health travel consultation and immunization, student health forms, student health insurance and Cigna PPO provider network.

Counseling Services at Touro: How to make an appointment with our wonderful on-campus licensed psychotherapists. For any emergencies regarding your mental health, please call 911 or visit the national suicide prevention hotline.

Fitness on Touro Campus

Sports Clubs: Student clubs to keep you fit! Find a workout buddy through the weightlifting club, or your inner Jennifer Lopez through the Touro Dance Team!

Sports Medicine Club: Facebook group page of our AOA Sports Medicine Club. They offer weekly High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) right on campus! Come break a sweat in between your studies.

Online Health and Wellness Resources

Health Resources: We didn’t answer your question? Here is a great selection of Health Resources by Princeton University.

Online Counseling:  Need to talk to someone right away? Find free online therapy and counseling by trained listeners.

Healthy & Affordable Recipes : Starving? Don’t know what to cook for dinner? We gotchu! Here are some easy but delicious and healthy recipes for the busy medical student!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas Don’t forget to eat the most important meal of your day! Make your mornings more exciting with these 42 easy & healthy breakfast ideas.

Student Fitness Favorites & Testimonials

Hiking Trails & Parks: Find our students’ favorite local hiking trails and national parks.

Quick Workout Videos: Find our students’ favorite free online workout videos here

Bridges Rock Gym in El Cerrito: A very popular self-care, socialization and exercise destination for our students!

“I’ve been climbing for almost 2 years now and I love that it gives me an opportunity to get some exercise, hang out with fellow classmates, and find a way to destress from studying. The thing I like about climbing is that it requires me to not only exercise but also use my mind as well. As I work through difficult moves and climbing routes, I have to plan my next move ahead of time in order that I can complete the route. It tests me both mentally and physically, and I think this helps me stay grounded as a medical student.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19